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Training Mr Luck

With a move to Pepys and the general shifting of miscellaneous hardwares, MAZI work has been on an intermittent hiatus. But with a new home in the Pepys Resource Centre (now a volunteer run library), the MAZI exploration restarted. James has been repurposing the MAZIzone, working with Central Saint Martins and aiming to bring in […]

Smashfest UK – outside on a sunny winter’s day

Mazi/Creeknet is in its last year with deployment being the key activity. YT and James Stevens has been attempting to furnish various groups and individuals along Deptford Creek with Mazi toolkit devices, such as bluetooth beacons (held in anchorholds) and raspberry pi servers (known as Mazizones).   I’ve been very keen to expand the demographic […]


I’ve been attending to this post since the end of December ’17, and as such have a lot to reflect upon. These are things I’ve decided to put in the box labelled ‘Things to notice, take attention of and think about‘. These are a collection of ‘magic phrases’ to carry into 2018. Reflections of yesterdays  […]

Media memory hub – part 1

I’ve been working in a day centre for about 6 months now, and found the experience engaging – I wrote a case study highlighting the situations I found there. One instance was the use of the single iPad in the centre, and how it was limited by not being connected to the TV set which […]

Another Mirrorplants video slideshow…

Yes, I’ve been making another slide show to show off the images I’m making. I’d like to make it more animated one day, but that is a day far away at present. Tell me what you think.

New Mirrorplants website…

Let me start with an apology beforehand – this site is not updated as much as I’d like for a bunch of reasons, one of which is the amount of work put into making and selling Mirrorplant prints, which I’ve finally gotten around to buying a domain name and putting together a holding page…I have […]