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I’ve been attending to this post since the end of December ’17, and as such have a lot to reflect upon. These are things I’ve decided to put in the box labelled ‘Things to notice, take attention of and think about‘. These are a collection of ‘magic phrases’ to carry into 2018. Reflections of yesterdays […]

Media memory hub – part 1

I’ve been working in a day centre for about 6 months now, and found the experience engaging – I wrote a case study highlighting the situations I found there. One instance was the use of the single iPad in the centre, and how it was limited by not being connected to the TV set which […]

Another Mirrorplants video slideshow…

Yes, I’ve been making another slide show to show off the images I’m making. I’d like to make it more animated one day, but that is a day far away at present. Tell me what you think.

New Mirrorplants website…

Let me start with an apology beforehand – this site is not updated as much as I’d like for a bunch of reasons, one of which is the amount of work put into making and selling Mirrorplant prints, which I’ve finally gotten around to buying a domain name and putting together a holding page…I have […]

New Mirrorplants video!

Mirrorplants presentation by Paul Clayton from Paul Clayton on Vimeo. Have a click, enjoy. I think its a bit rushed, and could use a better track, but work in progress is work in progress, right?

For your thoughts. A poetry break…

If you shout, you might get heard. If you move a rock, you might roll too. If you listen to your heart, you must be quiet. If you want to make a change, you must want to change too. If you have a space in your soul, you could check that it’s yours. If you […]