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More training with Mr. Luck

As outlined in the last post, YT has been assisting Babar Luck with his portable merch box – a tweaked Mazizone, renamed ‘Babar Luck’s Spaceship’. As it often is with projects to extend a person’s creative practice, various aspects of the work come to the foreground, mainly the aspects that have been left as the […]

Training Mr Luck

With a move to Pepys and the general shifting of miscellaneous hardwares, MAZI work has been on an intermittent hiatus. But with a new home in the Pepys Resource Centre (now a volunteer run library), the MAZI exploration restarted. James has been repurposing the MAZIzone, working with Central Saint Martins and aiming to bring in […]

Smashfest UK – outside on a sunny winter’s day

Mazi/Creeknet is in its last year with deployment being the key activity. YT and James Stevens has been attempting to furnish various groups and individuals along Deptford Creek with Mazi toolkit devices, such as bluetooth beacons (held in anchorholds) and raspberry pi servers (known as Mazizones).   I’ve been very keen to expand the demographic […]

Making a Mazizone manual

Over the last two years talking to people, a recurrent theme rolling out the Mazizone across Creeknet is the level of knowledge needed to run and manage it. This starts with two questions that people ask us: What is it? Its a low power Raspberry Pi server. Powered by just a mobile charger or a […]

Goodbye Kokkinopolis …

…Why go back? There was no work done in achieving a manual for the school house, the promotion of the village stalled completely. I like to think I’m tenacious, resourceful… and the place is totally awe inspiring and special in its own right. While I’m being candid, I must admit Katalin Hausel the main project […]

Mountain revisited

Another visit to Olympus test lab with the unMonastery, and this was a dramatically different visit to my other visits (here and here). The very hot weather dissipated as I arrived, with my first week filled with intense downpours, schoolhouse leaks and strong winds thrashing the nearby trees, creating a soundscape like a wintry beach. […]

Mazizone thinking

As a follow up to my visit to Kokkinopilos recently, it was really interesting to see the differences from my first visit: not just in how the unMonastery have developed their relationships in the village, how the unMonks have moved along with their own goals, and how the digital tools we use have developed or […]

Adventures in Olympus

Last year I visited the unMonastery space in Kokkinopilos as part of the cross pollination and interdisciplinary practices of the MAZI project. I’ve written about MAZI previously, assisting James Stevens with the Creeknet project in sunny Deptford. The first visit to the abandoned school used by the group was more of an introduction to the […]