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sad news from UcandoIT

After reading the letter which came through my door on the 27th March, there’s been a feeling of a bereavement, a loss of friends. The charity with the motto ‘Behind a computer everyone is equal’ was being liquidated after 21 years; YT had 7 years of working with 38 learners. Now there is doubt in […]

Making a Mazizone manual

Over the last two years talking to people, a recurrent theme rolling out the Mazizone across Creeknet is the level of knowledge needed to run and manage it. This starts with two questions that people ask us: What is it? Its a low power Raspberry Pi server. Powered by just a mobile charger or a […]

Logic versus the senses

Since my last reflective post, time has been given on the pursuit of becoming an Activity Coordinator, which is steadily gaining momentum – contact has been made with NAPA to start working what options there are for someone like myself with a fair amount of experience of the care system, but no direct qualifications within […]

Comfortably Digital 30th June

As part of my outreach in the quieter months of the summer, I’m hosting a couple of presentations to engage people using digital devices. Ergonomics and accessibility are words not used too much in general terms of using digital devices and computers, they tend to be reserved for when people first start attending a class […]

A soulchip toolkit – not just software.

I’ve been remiss in updating the site since my talk late last year, and since then the good people at UcandoIT have given me the opportunity to to some awareness training to enhance my engagement with the people the charity sends me to assist. I thought it would be useful to reflect upon the training […]

Ownership>Accessibility – not just for disabilities.

Accessibility is all about making computers easier to use. I enjoy showing people how to work with computers in different ways, and indeed having things like tablets and smart phones can be a complete surprise for many people who found the whole files, folders, desktop and windows experience a little too much to take in. […]

Using a computer screen if you are a VI computer user…

Some time ago I wrote about using a computer using software to make life easier. This time I’m coming back to the subject, talking about specifically Screen Magnifiers on different types of computers. As the name suggests, this is software which allows the screen display to be magnified, giving a Visually Impaired (VI) user an […]

Want some free software…?

Free is a magical word put around the internet very casually. There are many sites that offer free downloads, but mean the download is free and you will probably have to pay a cost to own and run the software. I’ve made a hobby of looking around for free and open source software, and had […]