Moving on from Breezie

This month I decided to start clearing up my gadgetry and looking over what I have used, what I need and what had been left to gather dust. This is always worth doing. Finding the box prompted a bittersweet sense of regret, primarily not getting to use the Breezie more, and lack of communication from […]

Deptford Digital Drop in – Bring your Device!

I’m keeping up with trying to have some ‘Digital drop ins’ to focus on the physically disabled and people 50+. The next run will be in Deptford Methodist Church on Creek road (map). I’m hoping to be able in managing 6 people for each event, although I forgot to add ‘Bring Your Own’ device to […]

A Smarter Approach? A year after Disability in Smart Cities

It’s been a while since the last update, and with good reason. Many projects, little time to manage them all. I’m still working with James Stevens on the MZ Zone project, and maintaining meetings with the Caring Digital Meetup. Working with James’ distinctly different style is a refreshing change, and definitely not a usual approach […]

Logic versus the senses

Since my last reflective post, time has been given on the pursuit of becoming an Activity Coordinator, which is steadily gaining momentum – contact has been made with NAPA to start working what options there are for someone like myself with a fair amount of experience of the care system, but no direct qualifications within […]

Comfortably Digital 30th June

As part of my outreach in the quieter months of the summer, I’m hosting a couple of presentations to engage people using digital devices. Ergonomics and accessibility are words not used too much in general terms of using digital devices and computers, they tend to be reserved for when people first start attending a class […]

Reading CAPS

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been involved in some new projects and had the good fortune to visit a great unconference in Halifax in April. As an update, here’s an outline of what’s been happening lately. I’ve also been putting together a colouring book, details to follow. CAPS (Community Awareness Platform for Sustainability) […]

A soulchip toolkit – not just software.

I’ve been remiss in updating the site since my talk late last year, and since then the good people at UcandoIT have given me the opportunity to to some awareness training to enhance my engagement with the people the charity sends me to assist. I thought it would be useful to reflect upon the training […]

Disability in Smart Cities?

  Out of the blue, and as a complete surprise and compliment, I received a phone call and email asking me to participate in a talk about a proposed ‘Smart city’ initiative in Greenwich – this was part of Global Entrepreneur’s week apparently. After a few late nights writing up some ideas, which came to […]