A soulchip toolkit – not just software.

I’ve been remiss in updating the site since my talk late last year, and since then the good people at UcandoIT have given me the opportunity to to some awareness training to enhance my engagement with the people the charity sends me to assist. I thought it would be useful to reflect upon the training given and also upon some lessons I’ve learned of late. Deaf Blind Awareness training This was back in November 2015. The training from the Deafblind charity (Sense) was very impressive, the presenter relating his professional endeavours (masters in pyschology?) and talking about my favourite sense … Continue reading A soulchip toolkit – not just software.

Disability in Smart Cities?

  Out of the blue, and as a complete surprise and compliment, I received a phone call and email asking me to participate in a talk about a proposed ‘Smart city’ initiative in Greenwich – this was part of Global Entrepreneur’s week apparently. After a few late nights writing up some ideas, which came to nothing much, my worthy colleague John Sunderland and I discussed the matter, in a really long skype chat. It was really needed! As a result it became a reflective piece of work – I know what I do in visiting people with physical disabilities through … Continue reading Disability in Smart Cities?