2019 begins and becomes..quite a whirlwind

Mycenae Digital The sessions are running close to the wind in terms of being manageable, with access issues for wifi stability and lack of a lift. The former makes delivery hard, but YT reached a peak in my training practice at one point before Christmas, sitting down with a small group of ‘Techy Timers’ and drew buzzers on a large sheet of paper and asked people to buzz in if they had an answer to my questions…Lacking a lift is a strange situation, as Greenwich council own the property; delivering in two places makes the job really hard. Nonetheless, the … Continue reading 2019 begins and becomes..quite a whirlwind

So, coworking. What is it about?

YT has been putting together a project plan for a good number of weeks now for a potential coworking space; very keen to have a space that is inclusive, which in general terms means a good open area with decent size tables and accessible toilets. As a starting situation, the biggest point of all is the open access to the community and the aim to build it organically. As a result, there’s been a list and wandering around Deptford high street, looking in on the new venues and seeing what the options are, especially as the high street is quite … Continue reading So, coworking. What is it about?