Smashfest UK – outside on a sunny winter’s day

Mazi/Creeknet is in its last year with deployment being the key activity. YT and James Stevens has been attempting to furnish various groups and individuals along Deptford Creek with Mazi toolkit devices, such as bluetooth beacons (held in anchorholds) and raspberry pi servers (known as Mazizones).   I’ve been very keen to expand the demographic reach of the people we talk to about all of this technology which is ultimately all about DIY networking. Previous posts about the Mazizone have been reflections on the nature of how a piece of technology can be created with an idea as a starting … Continue reading Smashfest UK – outside on a sunny winter’s day

Mazi manual pt.2 and a Jolly Afternoon

This post is a digest of a section of activities YT has been attending to lately. So, starting with: A MAZI Event Manual? Since my last post about putting together a manual for using a MAZI zone, been tickling a mindmap of what a booklet (or a few booklets) could be. Working on the option to make a complex task easier by putting one focus on the outcome – make a ‘zone for an event and promote collaboration and participation in the venture. Like the idea of enabling an event organiser (e.g. a small organisation or company) to provide event … Continue reading Mazi manual pt.2 and a Jolly Afternoon