So, coworking. What is it about?

YT has been putting together a project plan for a good number of weeks now for a potential coworking space; very keen to have a space that is inclusive, which in general terms means a good open area with decent size tables and accessible toilets. As a starting situation, the biggest point of all is the open access to the community and the aim to build it organically. As a result, there’s been a list and wandering around Deptford high street, looking in on the new venues and seeing what the options are, especially as the high street is quite … Continue reading So, coworking. What is it about?

Plenty going on. Here’s to new adventures.

This post is a digested series of activities over the last few months, a collection of events and a space to gather them. You’re welcome. Summer breaks and not braking Its been a busy summer, with YT managing to get a break to remote Coulanges sur Yonne in the potentially amazing project space that is Le Jardin Victor. Walks and empty spaces aplenty, great for decompressing from the many stresses of city living.  Coming back was like ascending from the depths a little bit too quick, with many pieces of work to accomplish and some deadlines too. ah well. Managed to … Continue reading Plenty going on. Here’s to new adventures.