Deptford Job centre – no, not the boring bar.

Deptford job centre painting minus collage
before the collage, into the greyness of it all…

I’ve wanted for some time to reproduce a painting I took at least 3 months to paint back in 2013, a rendering of Deptford Job centre, with the addition of 2000AD collage. I sold the painting on its first showing, for a reasonable sum of £150. Interestingly, the owner of the Job centre building (not the building that is now Poundland, next to the bar) came to a Deptford X event when I had an open studio; he mentioned that it was his building, gave me his card with a request for a price when finished.  When I later asked for £100, the owner then had chilly toes and backed off – what a shame a rich man can’t spend a bit of pocket money on a painting that wasn’t commissioned.

Job centre in progress
2018 job centre painting in progress

I decided to make a start over the 2017 festive period when things are quiet in London, and I’m reasonably happy with results so far.  Putting images here is giving me a chance to compare and contrast the two paintings. This picture has also got me to join Instagram and join all the young artists there…