Dec 14

Deptford Wives at the Albany

My third year attending Deptford Wives, organised by the very capable Louse Rose. It seems that the price point was up for debate with many people, and as the day was not as well attended as previously, and interest not as thigh, I started offering a special deal, which may continue. I did have fun though, asking the children at the fair to join in colour my sign, and do some drawing…I asked for robots..if you look you’ll see the anchor being held in Convoy’s Wharf…that was a quick drawing by someone helping me out!



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Oct 02

What a great end to Deptford X

I’m now set up to have a good birthday next week. Sold a lot of Colouring books to various local people over this weekend, reserved a few, and the printing costs are covered! Looking forward to donating and handing over colouring books to the Deptford People’s Project.

I tried my hand at stretching the title in chalk on the street to give a sense of reading from afar…

title of the Deptford Colouring Book on the pavement


Thanks to everyone that showed an interest and showed up at the Saturday launch and thanks to Theya from Deptford X for her support.

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Sep 16

More Green than Centred

After sitting on my shelves for some time, an artist friend and colleague came up to me the other day asking about my Job centre signs, if I still had them. She wanted to buy a particular one. Very happy to know that people still think about them!More green than centred v- a painting of a distorted job centre sign

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Sep 05

Jobs and Centres and paint

Its been a good while since the site has been updated, but I made the decision to have the site representing my creative interests as a whole, not just the Mirrorplants. I’ve occasionally painted pictures of Job Centres for some time, for a number of different reasons. I’ve painted a number of distorted/adapted signs too.

Painting of Deptford Job Centre and collage

This was sold on its first public showing. I have no other photographs of this painting.

This year I decided to use my archive of Deptford photographs whilst here to create a colouring book. It has taken a lot longer than I intended, but finally this week I hope to have copies printed of Colourful Deptford – A social history colouring book.

I am going to try and update the site a lot more often to reflect the work I do, because the mirrorplants project is not finished yet, even if my output is shortened.

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Mar 13


Lately, I’ve been hard at work finishing off a painting and putting together a couple of exhibitions around Greenwich and Deptford. And the site has not been updated to reflect this, and I’m sorry about that state of affairs.

MVMENT Cafe GreenwichAt present, there are a few framed A3 prints in the MVMENT cafe, Though not as impressive, they fit the bare boarded space nicely, thank you very much. As a pop up space its very interesting; the prices are reasonable and the coffee is tasty.

In Deptford, for the month of February, the Albany cafe was the venue, the prints glossy and mounted on aluminium; these were a better size to fill the walls, and there was a lot of good feedback about how the pictures fitted into the space.


inside the MVMENT cafe, looking at some of the framed prints





somebody working at a table with a Mirrorplanted picture on the nearby wall

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Sep 23

Mirrorplants for sale at Photobox

I’ve had a photobox gallery for some time, and as such if you buy Mirrorplant prints it is much cheaper than buying them face to face..after all, I’ve got to print and move the stock around.

Have a look here.

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Nov 14

Mirrorplants video 2

this is a promo video to show the range of designs being made…enjoy!

Mirrorplants promo 2 from Paul Clayton on Vimeo.

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