Lately, I’ve been hard at work finishing off a painting and putting together a couple of exhibitions around Greenwich and Deptford. And the site has not been updated to reflect this, and I’m sorry about that state of affairs.

MVMENT Cafe GreenwichAt present, there are a few framed A3 prints in the MVMENT cafe, Though not as impressive, they fit the bare boarded space nicely, thank you very much. As a pop up space its very interesting; the prices are reasonable and the coffee is tasty.

In Deptford, for the month of February, the Albany cafe was the venue, the prints glossy and mounted on aluminium; these were a better size to fill the walls, and there was a lot of good feedback about how the pictures fitted into the space.


inside the MVMENT cafe, looking at some of the framed prints





somebody working at a table with a Mirrorplanted picture on the nearby wall