What are Mirrorplants?

Paul Clayton in the studioThese pictures are digital photographs mirrored and put together to make interesting patterns.

Since 2011, I’ve been walking around South East London and taking photos of plants and flowers from local parks, and trying to  use the images in an interesting way. I try to identify as many as I can… unfortunately, I don’t know as many as I should, but one day.

I’ve looked at mandalas as the inspiration for these pictures, and how the eyes travel around looking for new shapes and work towards the centre of an image. If you’re still not sure about mandalas, then have a look here.

How it started…

Walking around on a  holiday in northern Spain, I ended up walking around vineyards and finding a new fascination with taking shots of plants, flowers, walls and trees. When I came back to London, parks and green spaces around Deptford gave me places to continue this new attitude. It’s a great way of exploring spaces, as following walls has ended up with me wandering behind bushes now and again. I am having to stop people from being surprised, honestly – I am not doing anything stranger than photographing plants, walls, fences and kerbs.


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