Mazizone thinking

As a follow up to my visit to Kokkinopilos recently, it was really interesting to see the differences from my first visit: not just in how the unMonastery have developed their relationships in the village, how the unMonks have moved along with their own goals, and how the digital tools  we use have developed or become uncovered. Mazizone version 1 was introduced to me on my previous visit. I had also written a document from a training point of view as to the usefulness of and potential of the platform. This time I was introducing version 1.5.3 to the group, … Continue reading Mazizone thinking

Moving on from Breezie

This month I decided to start clearing up my gadgetry and looking over what I have used, what I need and what had been left to gather dust. This is always worth doing. Finding the box prompted a bittersweet sense of regret, primarily not getting to use the Breezie more, and lack of communication from the company – a colleague and myself had even visited their office some time ago and we were completely taken with the comprehensive attitude to fitting out a tablet for an older person to make good use of. It was all there: a good printed … Continue reading Moving on from Breezie