2020 challenges, pivots and reflections

Pivoting? Business speak for changing  focus, determining what works – YT prefers the sailing term ‘changing tack’, moving a sail around to make best use of the wind. Pivoting can bring benefits by stripping back a business to what it is good at, here is an interesting example on Quora. The time is now for a change to accommodate people needing the service amidst the social quarantine that UK Gov has imposed. This post is an outline of the processes, procedures and understandings of creating remote services for people. YT is well aware this is as much a work in … Continue reading 2020 challenges, pivots and reflections

Ready 2 Work overview at The Somerville

This work was a year long project funded by New Cross Gate trust to assist the young people in the area with their options for employability and education. The purpose of this post is to present an overview of the service as the work had to be done from a bare beginning.   Besides the challenges outlined in the document,  the centre in its present incarnation  since 2016 offering room hire and community based activities had meant that many of the  young people that would have used the service were not around or had lost their connection with the place, which … Continue reading Ready 2 Work overview at The Somerville