AIS day hosted by AbilityNet

I receive regular mail outs from various disability groups, and this particular event was particularly interesting to me – professionally and personally. To make the acronym clear, the Accessibility Information Standard (AIS) has been steadily pushed through the NHS for the past year as a means for patients to have information provided in an appropriate format if identified and flagged. How these two actions would be accomplished was brought up in discussion, and how this is recorded/actioned in a patient record remains to be seen. I’m also part of Lewisham CCG PRG. This isĀ  the beginning of the problem in … Continue reading AIS day hosted by AbilityNet

Deptford Digital Drop in – Bring your Device!

I’m keeping up with trying to have some ‘Digital drop ins’ to focus on the physically disabled and people 50+. The next run will be in Deptford Methodist Church on Creek road (map). I’m hoping to be able in managing 6 people for each event, although I forgot to add ‘Bring Your Own’ device to the drop in flyer (Doh!) but I will have tablets and notebooks available. I think it’s an interesting situation with language used by people getting older, what their perception is of physical disability in relation to aging. I understand as a fact that our eyes … Continue reading Deptford Digital Drop in – Bring your Device!