Accessibility Update

Deptford Digital Drop in – Bring your Device!

Leaflet for 3 Friday Digital Drop ins at Deptford Methodist churchI’m keeping up with trying to have some ‘Digital drop ins’ to focus on the physically disabled and people 50+. The next run will be in Deptford

Methodist Church on Creek road (map). I’m hoping to be able in managing 6 people for each event, although I forgot to add ‘Bring Your Own’ device to the drop in flyer (Doh!) but I will have tablets and notebooks available.

I think it’s an interesting situation with language used by people getting older, what their perception is of physical disability in relation to aging. I understand as a fact that our eyes and ears are last to be formed in the womb, and sadly the first to deteriorate as we age.

This surely gives more value to what are very crucial senses.  I feel it  is a necessity having an ongoing dialogue to try and unpick the logic behind two apparently different aspects of humanity.

As ever, I’ll be showcasing my workstation set up, and talking about good posture and accessibility mostly.

You can download the A5 printable leaflet here