PPS and the pub tour

March was extra busy with work of my own to try engage with the local freelancers and self employed people in Deptford. Wednesday nights in a number of local bars and pubs to starting gauging and engaging with who wants to get ‘social and sociable’. To avoid unnecessary whinging (no venue offered any promotion), YT will offer a breakdown of the experiences.  Offered are plus points as per Trip Adviser to mix up what whinges there are, and make this more interesting to read. Constructive reflections are mixed in too. These meetups were also an opportunity to use the MAZI … Continue reading PPS and the pub tour

So, coworking. What is it about?

YT has been putting together a project plan for a good number of weeks now for a potential coworking space; very keen to have a space that is inclusive, which in general terms means a good open area with decent size tables and accessible toilets. As a starting situation, the biggest point of all is the open access to the community and the aim to build it organically. As a result, there’s been a list and wandering around Deptford high street, looking in on the new venues and seeing what the options are, especially as the high street is quite … Continue reading So, coworking. What is it about?