More training with Mr. Luck

As outlined in the last post, YT has been assisting Babar Luck with his portable merch box – a tweaked Mazizone, renamed ‘Babar Luck’s Spaceship’. As it often is with projects to extend a person’s creative practice, various aspects of the work come to the foreground, mainly the aspects that have been left as the most awkward – in the case of most artists and musicians its the actual money making, which is a necessary, but largely administrative part of the work. The training sessions had a few goals principally to focus Babar on two events: the first was orchestrated … Continue reading More training with Mr. Luck

Training Mr Luck

With a move to Pepys and the general shifting of miscellaneous hardwares, MAZI work has been on an intermittent hiatus. But with a new home in the Pepys Resource Centre (now a volunteer run library), the MAZI exploration restarted. James has been repurposing the MAZIzone, working with Central Saint Martins and aiming to bring in alternative stream of work to the use of the MAZI zone, quite close to the idea YT had about an event mechanism. He approached me to train Babar Luck with an intriguing opportunity for a localised press pack and potential merch store. To describe Babar … Continue reading Training Mr Luck