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Writing for Westcombe News

Always been very keen to help with the promotion of Mycenae House with the issues around the pandemic causing a lot of classes to not come back to the centre – my Wudang tai chi teacher is not likely to be back any time soon as the form and the practice is quite contact driven, unlike the Yang style which is self contained.

Ask Paul?

YT has always looked up to Jack Schofield (Ask Jack in The Guardian, who left us in 2020), a font of practical and good sense ‘IT agony uncle’. My simmering aspiration has been to try something similar on a local level. Approaching the Westcombe News in Blackheath (where soulchip ads have appeared for 10 years) with the proposition of three useful features about ‘digital stuff’ proved worthwhile, the editor showing her enthusiasm as did YT by sending the first draft within a day – 3 drafts were needed overall.

Focus, focus …oooh a pigeon.

Having a reason to write and publish to a guaranteed audience (not worried who reads these posts to be honest) is always a good incentive, and a chance to use the super-clean interface of Focuswriter. Customisable, and with a collection of styles included, this was a timeshift to the heady days of learning to use computers for community publishing, and bashing documents into Word Perfect 5.1 . Its all just words; no pictures.

Getting published

Unfortunately the first article (a primer to start using Zoom video chat software) was lacking in imagery due to missing the deadline.Today YT submitted the second article which has taken two drafts – its so easy to overwrite when getting into the flow.