Writing stuff on Face Book is..?

Today was a hard day. I went and posted the following as an exercise in showing some understanding that situations are fraught in service industries as well as social enterprises.

I’ve been a fan and dare I say ‘a thrice removed acolyte’ of Douglas Rushkoff for many years..he inspired me in the late nineties and into the millennium with his ‘internet into the future’ fervour, and when he saw what the digital future had become as it entered its young adulthood, I was with him. This article sits alongside much of my present thinking – if ‘the conspiracy / elite’ (delete depending how paranoid you are) want slaves, why would the powerful turn away from their slaves? I once heard a lovely phrase about the holy grail of technology and social care: “Robots that wipe your arse”.
There’s a strangely Marxist undertone to understanding that the majority of people that clean the streets, empty bins and generally maintain society as we see it; if technology is the answer to everything, then those that say that technology is the answer need to find out how arses get wiped first.

Douglas Rushkoff article.

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