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Useful Printables, useful Video

The Thursday Tech Support sessions haven’t been as popular as I had hoped, but there has been some useful outcomes from the work. My colleague Jon, enlisted to help out with the work, has been a stalwart and given opportunity to improve upon his desktop publishing skills by making some useful instruction leaflets – to be printed by organisations and then given to anyone requiring some assistance with their device. Printables.
The idea has turned into a ‘support pack’ to bridge a person’s digital skills and help them along. These are the first good drafts, and feedback is welcome.

Apple iOS

Windows 10


Learning to make video

Part of working with the Irish in Lewisham pensioners group to assist with their sudden acclimatisation to being online (YT was drafted to assist with Zoom skills for their Qi Gong activities) was to make videos of the presentations. Historically interests have been with audio recording and essential editing; this switch has been a challenge, and it definitely shows. As a result, there are a few videos (of variable quality) in my ‘Straight talking about…’ series on YouTube:

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