soulchip sessions

“We want to be online. We need to be connected.”

This is what the soulchip service is all about. Helping people to win the battle with a machine to get an important email out (and be able to do it again with confidence) or to make sure that family photos are put somewhere where the folks on the other side of the planet can see them too. Value comes in many forms. A lot of value can come from using the right assistive technology and having some appropriate training to get the best out of a digital device.

As a trainer for many years, the sessions are not just a route to gaining digital skills, it is assistance with the realities of ownership. These realities are physical, mental and financial.

Physical realities : examples include being aware of what good posture is, setting up a good working space.

Mental realities : keep it slow and thoughtful, stay aware of your goals and learn using existing skills.

Financial realities : budgeting to get things done. Being aware of what costs when needing assistive technology.

Much of my work presently is for UcandoIT in the south east London area, with occasional quick consultancy drop in sessions around Deptford. Support services also available, there are many occasions when a computer can get people stressed and stumped – please note, not a ‘computer doctor’ and offer no guarantees.

Group sessions:

Negotiated depending on number of learners and what is expected to be delivered. Typically a group session with 6 learners would cost £150, each bringing their own device. I have a portable ICT suite with a couple of laptops and tablets, this would incur different costing dependent on expectation.

Home call pricing:

£20 Call out fee for the first 30 minutes.

£30 per hour, maximum 3hrs. 1.5 hours are recommended for the best results.

Discount for multi session bookings. Pay for 4 sessions (6 hours) in advance and pay £130.

Can’t afford paying for a course on your own?

Then get a friend or two to join, and build some skills together!

Get in touch if you would like more details.