Paul Clayton – a bit of history

Keep on moving, listening and slow is fast.

Since realising the need for carers and clients to have a more engaged and accessible approach to all things digital, I’ve created a meetup group to bring other professionals together, and attempted very local drop in sessions for local people in various areas of south east London. These sessions accessible and comfortable digital situations, offering support and insight to people in owning a device – costs in time or money, simple hygiene and good ergonomics. Ergonomics is often used but sadly forgotten and replaced with bad habits when it comes to using tablets and computers, but my tai chi practice informs my work too, especially ergonomics! Listening to your body can improve productivity and reduce stress, which are just two of the benefits.

PRG for the CCG…yes, more acronyms when talking to the NHS

Besides delivering training, I’ve been networking and talking with Southwark, Greenwich and Lewisham sensory teams; joining the Lewisham NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as an active and member of their Patient Reference Group (PRG) from 2015-2018. This was quite an eye opener in so many ways, finding the inertia that seemed to be institutional in the behaviour of the executives wanting a ‘critical friend’ and then realising it involved changing how things were done. Strange that.

In 2018 U Can Do IT ceased trading as a charity, which was very upsetting, but I was then asked by Mycenae House to start delivering Digital Inclusion sessions (Mycenae Digital) within the Reach Out project, which has been a great experience as my work is best produced in a team environment. 2020 is bringing new challenges, but I’m still making ‘Techy Times’.

If you’re interested, find out what a soulchip is. You can also get in touch to talk about a project or work you would like assistance with.