an outline of a butterfly and the soulchip symbol

What is a soulchip?

soulchip symbol of consciousness
I adapted a symbol for consciousness to make the soulchip logo

The term soulchip was found in a copy of Focus magazine some years ago. On the cover was a strap line for an article based on research at British Telecom’s futurology labs. It was based on the idea of a chip to store a person’s life experience – The ‘soulchip’. At the time, I thought it was an amazing concept. I still do now, but  have some philosophical reservations.

*Light hearted warning, I put forward my opinion next *

As humans, we are still not much more than the primates we evolved from, and the recorded ‘soul’ would not benefit any new body as a receptacle of experience if only the death of the originator of the recordings formed a crucial element, a point of actual reflection and realisation as to subjective existence. Many people, in fact most, in my opinion, don’t reach this state. My opinion is formed on the basis that we keep on repeating history; when we are rational beings, humans can make jumps in knowledge and reason which can change cultures, countries and ultimately how we view the world. The former tends to happen more than the latter.

“we are formed in the crucible of our own experience”

an outline of a butterfly and the soulchip symbol
the butterfly is also a symbol of consciousness

To try and artificially produce what could be ‘transmigration’ of experience may not bring anything new as the fear of death gives us a sense of ultimate consequence, an end to our participation in the world. If there is no ending, then only those on a path of enlightenment and seeking truth will make use of such a technology. This changes nothing, as most people seek only the essentials and physical contentment.

*end of opinion*

So, that’s a soulchip. Technology can be fun, useful, interesting, educational and thought provoking – and its up to the likes of teachers and trainers  such as myself to keep it relevant too.

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