Digging around the hard drive…

I found an old recording from 2007, when I wanted to corner the market in Nigerian audio books. Let me give an insight to the above statement. I am a big fan of Amos Tutuola, a Nigerian writer who gained notoriety whilst in the Mbari club in the 1950’s. He wrote very Nigerian stories, but in  english, which was somewhat frowned upon. Nonetheless, his stories are great moral tales, My Life in the Bush of ghosts being used in the title of a David Byrne and Brian Eno album from 1981.

Just before making the recording, I had finished reading The Witch Herbalist of the Remote Town,  a cracking read which has very small chapters – perfect for a night time story, and so I thought,  an easier option to make an audio books.

I spent a fair amount of time looking for Nigerian audio books, specifically by Tutuola.Can you guess how many I found? Not one. I then resolved to have a go in an untapped market. I talked to colleagues and possible candidates, but to no avail. I thought, “What th’heck, do it myself, I’ll learn something.” Indeed I did, especially after talking to a poet friend who gave me some useful pointers, like pausing at the right moments (commas are an invention from Greek plays which show a breath). I still would love to do the book, but this short story is from the witch doctor and other short stories. I hope you like it. remember the day after tomorrow

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