Accessibility Training

Keyboarding – an audio reminder for the VI learner.

I’ve been recording parts of training sessions for some time now, as an aid to help people remember what to do while practicing a session’s activities. The general reason for this runs along the lines of  “I’m fine when you’re here Paul, but when you’re gone, I just go blank..”

As a result, I go over an activity again, recording the audio as I describe what is going on, and what needs to happen next. As a result, these little ‘audio reminders’ are quite often very personal, but then again, I find that a lot of problems are very common.

That’s why I spent some time with a musical friend and recorded an ‘Introduction to Keyboarding’. If you find this useful, please let me know, if you would like to offer some criticism, or you thought I missed something, let me know too. I did the piece in a few takes, and if the recording sounds a bit loud then quiet, that will be because I made a few mistakes and had to cut and paste to make it sound sensible. Enjoy.

introducing keyboarding