Woolwich Common community centre – A Big Lunch extra

Big Lunch Extras - an Eden ProjectLast week  (25th April) a colleague and myself delivered an afternoon of presentations  to community organisations from a surprisingly wide area.  Andy, my colleague, talked about the need for small organisations to have systems and policies in place to cover for loss of data and other emergencies. I talked about some essential aspects of using social media, and focusing on the type of media which suits the organisation and about how a website as well as social media sits as parts of an editorial policy and marketing strategy.

It was a solid afternoon of talking, and as such quite intense, but felt rewarding as we answered (and tried to answer) questions that attendees had for us in the Questions and Answer section of the afternoon.

The Big Lunch Extras  is extremely interesting as a means of engaging people to become community leaders, or at least know how to work with other grassroot organisations – there are regualr ‘boot camps’ which are free and there is assistance in getting there!

Worth a look if you are in a community organisation and looking to build community engagement skills.