Tai chi Training Update

Tai chi but no IT – tongue twister!

Halfway through a set of sessions for SELVIS, YT thought it would be good to write up some thoughts about the sessions, as this is a really pleasing situation for me – normally known as an IT tutor to SELVIS members, this perception is being shifted to being a tai chi trainer.  Only two weeks in, but feedback is very good so far, with the group responding well to the training. The second session was especially filled with good humour; the mirror in the room was an irony that did cause a few giggles as someone pointed out that it was pointless in this case. The heating was also put on a by supposedly helpful community centre worker who ‘thought we would be cold’ yet didn’t even ask – the room was overbearing at the end of the hour, with 9 of us in quite a small room..

Also encouraging were the two participants which seemed to be engaged with their fitness – one commented on attending tai kwon do- “It was was easier than this, we just hit each other” and then exchanging self defence moves with a lady very keen on running and developing her core strength.

Looking forward to the next few weeks!