More Reaching Out with Mycenae Digital

Forming useful dialogues This post outlines the 2019 September to December series of Techy times – more of the same, but definitely different and lessons have definitely been learned. These sessions followed and affirmed the idea of support, uncovering goals and facilitating confidence in participants; the helping hands, eyes and ears of volunteers have really given the sessions a boost with levels of ‘social and sociability’ hastened. More volunteers, more problems? Not about having problems with the volunteers, but the ratio of participants to helpers. Sessions began in September, we had the pleasure of receiving a small gang of volunteers … Continue reading More Reaching Out with Mycenae Digital

Digital adventures with Mycenae Reach Out

A refreshed relationship. YT has had an occasional relationship with Mycenae House for some time, attempting a Breezie talk in 2014 and some drop in sessions. Alas that was short lived, hamstrung with the amount of marketing possible to one set of hands. Mark Johnson Brown, the centre manager approached me in early 2018 to start discussing and negotiating some ideas he’d been brewing. Mark wanted to include Digital inclusion/isolation as part of the centre’s activities, this is when YT got to meet the amazing Deborah Fitzpatrick, coordinator of the aptly name Reach Out project and worthy colleague in the … Continue reading Digital adventures with Mycenae Reach Out