BIG Computer Club begins.

After much preparation and coordination, I finally have started the first of seven sessions of informal computer training for Blind Independence in Greenwich, a group representing visually impaired and blind people in Greenwich borough. The sessions are hosted by Eco Computer Systems in Deptford in their training suite right next to the river, on the Deptford strand.

I’ve been very careful to not call these ‘training sessions’ and as such want a club-like environment where everyone can be relaxed, talk about their experiences and share their knowledge or even ask some questions about their lack of it.  The theme this week was about using a talking computer with the Thunder screen reader software, and how this can be used with WebbIE, a text based web browser.

I recorded the initial presentation to assist me in my presentation delivery, and also to give others an insight as to what the sessions are about. I hope that comes across – I talked for so long, I’ve split the presentation into two parts.

Talking about talking computers

Still talking about talking computers