BIG fair – Charlton assembly rooms

The BIG computer club is now in the last few weeks, and the original intention was to post updates and audio presentations from each session as a way of sharing some of the information about technology I’ve been giving the group, but this has not been the case owing to many problems – some technical, some practical. Apologies for not updating earlier.

Nonetheless,I thought I would report on the good day spent talking to many attendees of the event about the training service I offer though  the UcandoIT charity. I ran out of business cards at one point, and my stock of application forms definitely dwindled, an indicator of the amount of interest. There was talk of starting another run of club sessions in another venue and attempting to garner further funding.

The event also provided me with an opportunity to chat with with various other service providers and companies offering access technology; all in all a good, interesting and inspiring day.

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